Trial and Litigation


While litigation may be the “last resort” in many instances, once the choice has been made to litigate matters, it is important to choose counsel that will pursue the matter to its ultimate conclusion.  We pursue matters vigorously while balancing the benefit that will ultimately be derived for our client versus the cost of litigation.  It is important that clients be armed with this information so the best business decision can be made in the context of litigation.  Walding, LLC typically acts as plaintiff counsel in the context of litigation related to lending relationships in which the borrower and/or guarantor(s) have defaulted on their obligations to the lender.  We have matters pending at any given time in both state and federal courts throughout Alabama.  Case experience includes:

  • Pursuit of guarantors and borrower on $2 million deficiency related to real estate development in Montgomery County, Alabama.
  • Post-foreclosure litigation in various jurisdictions in Alabama for collection of deficiencies arising from the balance on the loans after foreclosure sales have occurred.
  • Awarded temporary restraining order against new automobile dealership related to sale of automobiles out of trust and enabling floor plan lender to protect collateral while allowing borrower to sell inventory with oversight of court.
  • Post-judgment out of state pursuit of guarantors and companies after acquiring judgment in Alabama, including post-judgment discovery and investigation as to location of assets to liquidate judgment.