Other Expertise

Walding, LLC handles a variety of other matters - with a particular focus on real property issues, corporate needs and wills and estates.  Real property experience includes foreclosures involving raw land, commercial/industrial property, multi-family and unoccupied builder foreclosures for mortgage holders and the firm handles property from Huntsville to Mobile and all points in between.  In addition to foreclosures, Walding, LLC routinely handles lease disputes, ejectment actions in non-consumer matters as well as easements, covenants and lien disputes for real property.  The firm also assists entities with loan evaluation, contract disputes, negotiation and evaluation, corporate structure selection and governance and various other corporate legal issues, including:

  • Foreclosure on raw commercial property located in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Foreclosure of apartment complex located in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Foreclosure of several raw beach parcels located in Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island, Alabama.
  • Foreclosure of commercial office building with tenants in Montgomery, Alabama in which tenants remained in place after foreclosure.
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure of residential subdivision in Montgomery, Alabama with amenities for planned development.
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure of raw commercial property in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Foreclosure of residential subdivision in Baldwin County, Alabama with amenities for planned development.
  • Worked cooperatively with borrower to correct erroneous releases by lender and reinstate mortgage in connection with voluntary turnover of real estate to bank.
  • Lead cooperation among lenders regarding property sold for taxes two (2) consecutive years with various lenders holding first mortgages on sections of property not divided into separate parcels for tax assessment in order to redeem property and allow for each lender to exercise remedies to liquidate collateral.
  • Advise lenders on rights related to post-foreclosure actions and title deficiencies after foreclosure in attempts to market other real estate owned by lender.
  • Negotiated remedies in lease agreement related to tenant default and right of landlord to invoke remedies.